Franz Gsellmann's
World Machine

Kaag 12
8332 Edelsbach
+43 (0) 3115 2983
Sabine Gruber
+43 (0) 664 4566370

GPS co-ordinates:
N 47.016518°
E 15.821080°

How to find us

Weds-Mon 10am-5pm
From 1.1.2020 Weds-Sun 10am-5pm

The world machine stands in a small room on a farm in the village of Kaag.
There this huge, powerful, extraordinary machine waits to be set in motion and to enchant visitors with its amazing stories, the tales that dreams are made of. And it really does have the power to change people's dreams.

How to get to our museum

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Gestaltung: Manfred Fassold, Heinz Kranzelbinder