Straden Museum -
The Wonisch Collection

Marktgemeinde Straden
Kulturhaus - Mesnerhaus
A-8345 Straden
+43 (0) 3473 8261-13

GPS co-ordinates:
N 46.806264°
E 15.870464°

How to find us

Information desk at Mesnerhaus: May-Oct, Weds-Sat 10am-12pm, Fri 1pm-5pm

Straden has commissioned the compilation of records of the history and way of life in the market town and its surroundings with a view to establishing a museum of identity. Its main focus will be on the collection of ex-mayor Hans Wonisch. The museum is a part of the "BIM - Realm of books in Mesnerhaus" media library (books - games - multimedia).

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Gestaltung: Manfred Fassold, Heinz Kranzelbinder