Museum in the Schütz House

A-8480 Mureck, main square (Hauptplatz)
For information, please contact:
Cultural department of the municipality of Mureck,
+43 (0) 3472 2105-0

GPS co-ordinates:
N 46.707800°
E 15.774449°

How to find us

By telephone appointment.

The Museum was named after its benefactor, the Mureck-based writer and former director of the Styrian state library, Julius Franz Schütz (1889 – 1961). It was out of affection for his home town that he left his parents´ house to the municipality, however with the express wish that it be used for cultural purposes. It was against this background that, in 1971, the Museum was thus opened. In 2005 it was redesigned and expanded. Its exhibits represent a foray into the history of Mureck, while one room is dedicated to J. F. Schütz.

Temporary exhibitions supplement the permanent collection of the Museum.

How to get to our museum

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Gestaltung: Manfred Fassold, Heinz Kranzelbinder