Collection of “repudiated treasures”

Margareta und Alois Schwarz
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GPS co-ordinates:
N 46.849753°
E 15.881889

How to find us

You can either approach our museum from the Trautmannsdorf bypass and following the directions for Wolfsschänke, or from Waldsberg.


Location of the museum:
Grub II, Nr. 28
A-8345 Straden, Austria

Opening hours:
Throughout the year. Visitors are kindly requested to make telephone appointments before their arrival.

A former driver of a local waste collection company, Alois Schwarz simply could not accept that objects that were once so highly esteemed should now all of a sudden be collected to be deposited in a landfill. So, what did he do? – Collect them! Over six years, from 1995 till 2001, he collected all sorts of things which he felt were a shame to be thrown out. Thus, rather than dispose of them, he and his wife Margareta first kept them in the garage before moving them to the no-longer-needed children’s bedroom. Meanwhile, the collection has found its final destination in a agricultural building. The collection is just as spontaneous, extraordinary and warm-hearted as its owners, Margareta and Alois Schwarz. An attempt was made by them to group the exhibits in terms of individual themes. To everybody who is sensitive enough to look behind the scenes of the many objects that were once very much desired and then “rejected” and now once more desired, a door will open, revealing not only the social change of the past 50 years, but bearing witness to the life and mentality of the people living in the South-east of Styria.

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Gestaltung: Manfred Fassold, Heinz Kranzelbinder