Museums and collections in the Volcano land - Overview

Here you will find the full range of museums in southeast Styria. There are 49 museums and collections, as varied as the volcano region is itself in the autumn. They include large and also (extremely) small collections as well as public and private ones, some of which can be visited upon prior appointment only. These exhibits and museums have been arranged with love and care by local people, who will be delighted to welcome you.

  1. Ilz folk museum
  2. The Eichkögl Parish Treasure Chamber
  3. Franz Gsellmann's World Machine
  4. The Edelsbach Bee Garden
  5. Bierflaschensammlung Pfeifer
  6. Riegersburg Castle and Witchcraft Museum
  7. WeinDUFTikum Amtmann
  8. Fladnitz im Raabtal Village Museum
  9. Kirchberger Ländchen - Spuren der Geschichte
  10. The Austrian Bridge Building Museum
  11. First Austrian Volcano Museum
  12. Historic Anti-Hail Rocket Launching Hut
  13. Die kleine Welt der großen Schlösser –
    die internationale Schlösserschau im Steirischen Vulkanland

  14. The Feldbach Parish Display Cabinet
  15. The Rampart Museum
  16. 1. Steirisches Rotkreuz-Museum Feldbach
  17. The Berghofer Mill Living Museum
  18. Exhibition site of a Roman “vicus” at the Saazkogel
  19. Geo-Info Kapfenstein
  20. Curmuseum Bad Gleichenberg
  21. Open-Air Museum in the Styrian Volcanic Region in Trautmannsdorf
  22. The Gnas Local History Museum
  23. Museumslinde
  24. “Sandstöckl”: A 400-year-old Wine-Maker’s House
  25. The Merkendorf Shop Museum
  26. Legenstein Oldtimer-, Motorbike and technology Museum
  27. Imkerei-, Bauern- und
    Schuhmachermuseum Weiß
  28. Collection of “repudiated treasures”
  29. The Berghold collection of motor-driven saws
  30. Museum of Hunting, Nature and Poaching
  31. Anton´s Oldtimer
  32. analog & digital
  33. Bauernmuseum Rannersdorf
  34. Archaeology Display Cabinet
  35. Sepp´s Berglermühle
  36. Ottersbachmühle
  37. The Old Stable Museum
  38. Artisans' Village
  39. Museum in the Schütz House
  40. Mureck Mill on the Mur river
  41. Ratschendorf Roman museum
  42. Straden Museum
    (Straden.Schauplätze erleben)
  43. Nostalgic Country Life
  44. WEDDING MUSEUM. culture
  46. Klöch Wine Growing Museum /
    Vinothek Klöch
  47. The Old Arsenal Museum
  48. Pavelhaus / Pavlova hiša
  49. Museum des Franziskanerklosters Sv. Trojica

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Gestaltung: Manfred Fassold, Heinz Kranzelbinder